About Spa Bekam Ar Rayyan

Welcome to Spa Bekam Ar Rayyan

Spa Bekam Ar Rayyan was established on August 2, 2015 which conceptualized the SPA concept that prioritizes hygiene in care and adheres to guidelines set by the Ministry Of Health Malaysia.

Spa Bekam Ar Rayyan has been registered with Clinical Waste Management.

The business was started in Gombak (HQ) and currently Spa Bekam Ar Rayyan has 17 outlets throughout Malaysia. We have several advisors form the field of medicine and physiothereapy to ensure our operation follow the guidelines set by the government. Our premises accept everybody regardless of gender, races, and religions. Our premises start from 10AM to 10PM every day.


Ensure that all aspects of hygiene  in the treatment are followed as well as prioritze customers satisfaction.


Put the practice of BEKAM to higher level which is known as one of the Sunnah. It is clean and safe, and the society accepts it positively.


With the presence of Spa Bekam Ar Rayyan, we hope that the practice of BEKAM will become popular and people will choose BEKAM as an alternative to have a healthy lifestyle.